Easy Granny Square hats


I was on my ancient Nordictrack last night (been gathering dust over the years more than it’s been in use) which is in the same small room as my yarn. I spotted 11 granny squares that I made a long time ago; they were surplus to requirements when I made this bag. Eleven is rather an odd number…actually it IS an odd number, but what I mean is, what do you use 11 random squares for?!

They are now made into two hats – a dark one and a light one – which are simply four squares joined for the body of the hat and a fifth for the crown. They look a bit square when off the head, but as soon as you put them on they round out beautifully. And they fit me, though I wasn’t making them for myself. I may donate these to a worthy cause.

As for the yarn, I think it’s Northern Chunky acrylic from my LYS but I can’t swear to it. Lucky I kept a little black and white for seaming one day.

Various views below…





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