New wheels


It was a wet grey day today up and down the valley. Tai Chi Man and I drove a couple of hours in our red Toyota Yaris to a Toyota dealership where we had tracked down what seemed to be the ideal car for us. And so it was. After a test drive and a little negotiation, we bought a white 2011 Toyota Matrix. Good low mileage too.

The Yaris will remain Tai Chi Man’s commuting car, and the larger Matrix will be the family runabout. We arranged to get a tow hitch fitted later for no extra charge so that we can tow a small utility trailer or add a bike rack (because we no longer have the capacity of the trusty old Ford Aerostar). We banked the cheque from the insurance company yesterday for the van – about $1300 – signing off on it for the final part of the claim.

It rained hard nearly all the way home and the visibility was pretty bad at times, especially as it was getting dark too, but we made it home safely and now both cars are tucked up for the night under the carport. The first thing I did after I arrived home was to add a personal touch to the car – a little Happy Buddha and a unicorn and crystal sun catcher. Because you know, we all need dangly things hanging off our rear view mirrors, don’t we – it wouldn’t be the same otherwise!


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