Feeling antsy


I think I may have had too much caffeine today! It is possible, but I have to admit I’ve been thinking of doing another yarn clear out for a few days now.

My yarn has been fighting for space with the fitness equipment in the smallest bedroom. You may think I have a lot, but I think these photos will disprove that. I have

1) my biggest clear project bag with the coat in progress together with its yarn
2) a basket with the temperature scarf and the yarn for the rest of the year (I’ve taken out the reds and oranges)
3) a small purple fabric bag with two small WIPs – some blue socks and some yoga socks in progress
4) a clear recycling bag with the rest.

“The rest” is made up of leftovers, cheap old acrylic, Homespun that was on sale, a decent amount of Knitpicks Brava Worsted in Sienna and Currant, and the James C Brett Marble that I bought last week.

I was going to upload four separate photos but to keep it simple I will just take another with everything in it! And that’s it for the whole house, I think, except for one small bag with a hemp bowl project in it which I left downstairs.

Time to break out the huge knitting needles and hooks, and maybe even the knitting machine, and work on that recycling bag of miscellany (thank you, autocorrect, for giving me the perfect word there).


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