a serious post


I just saw the most incredible post on Facebook. A video, shared by a friend, showing a veteran of the Iraq war speaking out against war.

I had to share it on Facebook and I am sharing it here. I started to type a status to go with it and it ended up being more of a rant. Yes, I feel strongly about this. Unashamedly anti-war, that’s me!

Here’s what I wrote:

How relevant this is…we have just had Remembrance Day, we are sold poppies “Lest we Forget” and told to respect and honour our soldiers. I have never felt comfortable with this. It feels like glorifying war. I will undoubtedly be called unpatriotic for saying that, but I don’t care. Where does patriotism get us? Politicians use it to get people to join the military and fight their wars for them. This young man in this video – he looks too young to be a veteran – he sums up everything that I feel. That for as long as the working class people are prepared to go kill each other to make the top officials rich, there will always be wars. I may be naive, to say that if people refused to fight then there wouldn’t be a war. I may be naive to say, “Leave the politicians to fight each other and see how far they get.” I may be naive to say that world peace is possible. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream of a day when wars are no more, there are no soldiers, millions of dollars are no longer wasted on bombs and guns when there are people suffering from filthy air and water and lack of nutritious food. We, the sheep, are fed lies about people in other countries to provoke racism and hatred, our politicians like to tell us we are being threatened by terrorists, our media is controlled to make us believe all the crap that “they” want us to believe. Let us all believe in Love and Peace and Light and make this world a better place. Please share, and thank you.

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