Elements FO



Just wove in the ends on these tonight. Finished the knitting part last night in bed. The last couple of nights I’ve gone to bed extra early because I’ve had a heavy cold and also because I thought it would be nice to surround myself with my favourite things while being warm and comfortable in bed! Book, iPad, knitting, tea…it’s been great. I’m sure tonight will be an early night too – it’s been a long day.

The random stranded bits between colours were done with both yarns over my left finger. I normally would hold a yarn in each hand but I’m trying a new technique. My Knitpicks wish list includes a yarn guide that you wear on your finger and it keeps the yarns separate and untwisted.

These will be going through a machine wash and dry with a few other handmade items which will hopefully smooth out some of the irregularities!

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  1. Great blog Nicola. Can’t wait to explore some more. Those cinnamon buns look to die for. ~ Renee

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