Wingspan Mark II – better photos promised






I know these photos aren’t the best. I seem to do most of my knitting and blogging in the evenings and the light is not great. This is a beautiful yarn, James C Brett Marble Chunky, colour MC36. Unfortunately it does also share a lot of colours with my Harmony knitting needles so it blends in rather!

Anyway, this is my second Wingspan. The first was knitted with DK weight yarn, but rather than reduce the stitch count and maintain the width I have opted to keep the same stitch count and have it come out larger.

I have had enough of working with leftovers and wanted to get my hands on something pretty and soft. I have tried to get a close-up for the colour detail and also compared the size of the first wedge of my DK Wingspan with the new one. Considerably bigger!

When I look at my Ravelry project page, the projects are arranged in rows of four, and I really like to keep the number of WIPs to one row. But this one will make five….oh well!

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