Much better yarn shot and family news



Well, I had some dried leaves stuck to my yarn, but it was worth it to get outside and use the full daylight effect to get this photo. I realised today that of course I should have used my longest cable as the wedges of the scarf/shawl add to the length as you work. I’ll have to remedy that later.

I am currently enjoying some President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai, and have made it extra Chocolatey with the addition of some Kirkland (Costco) chocolate chips, which I have to say are really good and can be eaten by the handful! Even better mixed with dried cranberries. Who needs fancy desserts or snack bars when you can indulge in such loveliness so simply!?

I called my mum earlier today and also spoke to my sister as they were together at the time. Mum’s been in a hotel room for a week, following the sale of her house last Friday, and is anticipating moving into her new home tomorrow. She bought a beautiful brand new two bedroom cottage in an Over-55 development. It’ll be easier for her to access, safer without all the steps of the old place, and I hope she’ll be very happy there. My sister has been a rock throughout all the stages of moving, from driving mum around to see houses to decluttering in readiness for the move to advising the utility companies etc etc. She’s awesome! She’s off to Prague for a few days with her husband next week and I know she deserves the break.

Well, time to glug down the last of my tea and get out for a walk in the windchill!

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