Home update


We had a bit of a shuffle today. Ds1 moved out a week ago. On Monday, I blitzed his bedroom and the downstairs bathroom which he used exclusively. Since then, ds3 has been in there with a tape measure and a thoughtful look on his face, and I have been trying to ascertain whether ds2 is interested in using one of the desks in there for his computer too.

Ds3 looked like he was moving in, but he moved the wires for the secondary internet router and it stopped working, so he decided to set up his desk in the family room, next to ds2. I’m sure it’s temporary, until the wifi is working properly again.

I considered the bedroom fair game, and started moving my stuff in!

The smallest basement bedroom is now a little less cramped. It has a weights bench, a Nordictrack, a rebounder and a bookshelf. That’s pretty much it. Ds3 has been using it quite often since he started PE10 so I’m sure he will appreciate the extra room.

Ds1’s bedroom is now at least partly my craft room. Isn’t that a classic? I read so many threads on Ravelry where people have turned their child’s room into a craft or yarn room once they move out. My yarn and fabric, small stashes that they are, are now in there, and I have adopted the smaller desk for my sewing and knitting machines. Knitting and quilting books are filling the hutch above the desk, and quilts that I made years ago are camouflaging the stuff that ds1 left behind. The quilt covering the sofa bed is one I need to continue patching before next summer, so I will see it every time I go in there and be reminded of the job!

Ds1 said he may be coming over tomorrow to take more of his things away, so that will be good, though none of it is in the way. We will also be enjoying a family dinner out tomorrow, as it’s Tai Chi Man’s birthday this week, and our 26th wedding anniversary!




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