Yoga Mat Bag


Since I set up my crafting table, I have been feeling edgy and wanting to use my knitting or sewing machine. I took a look at the Notes app on my iPad tonight and reminded myself that I wanted a knitted yoga mat bag. Since starting yoga sort of regularly, I bought myself a lime green mat which came in a cheap black mesh bag. I’ve seen a few patterns on Ravelry but didn’t really want to handknit one.

Bond to the rescue! (Ha, sounds like James Bond, but not this time. No, sadly, no handsome tuxedoed gentleman is going to swoop from the sky to rescue me, this is just the name of my knitting machine.)

It took a few minutes to reacquaint myself with the machine (Why isn’t it working? Duh! Forgot to hang the weighted hem!)

I enlisted Tai Chi Man to help me convert some dollar store forks (metal but really thin) into claw weights. I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but if you bend the prongs of a fork over and attach a weight to the handle, voila, you have weights for small items or areas that need a bit of extra tension like the edges when the work is getting long. I could have done it myself, but he has a LOT of tools in a large number of boxes and it was easier to get him to dig out the right tools for the job. The ones I saw online used rolls of pennies, which is probably a better idea than the heavy magnets I used, as they tend to misbehave and get too friendly with each other.

I shall probably write up this pattern. It’s really easy. I’m looking forward to seeing this yarn in the daylight. It’s James C Brett Marble DK and I shall post the exact colourway when I get a daytime shot. In the meantime, here are some photos of the work in progress, a close up of the fork weights, and the finished item.




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