Love getting boxes in the mail!


My Knitpicks order just arrived. They had a big sale on over Thanksgiving (US) and as I was planning an order anyway I browsed the site to death, but in the end the only sale item I bought was the Brava in peapod because I thought I might run out before finishing my temperature scarf. The rest is

16 balls Shine Sport, which is a 60% Pima Cotton 40% Modal blend, for two lacy wraps for two special ladies who will remain anonymous for now, though I’m sure they don’t read my blog

A package of locking stitch markers – love these – they look like little plastic safety pins and are the kind I use most often

A package of Harmony cable needles to match my Interchangeables – three sizes – and they have ridges on them to keep them in the work while cabling

A brown wood shawl stick – it’s quite thick so will work for lacier/bulky shawls

Cable connectors for my interchangeable cables – my old Denise set had these and I found them useful

Four yarn stranding guides for colourwork, two of which are for a friend

That’s it. Unlike some people who spent hundreds of dollars in multiple orders during that one week, that’s my lot!




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