December means mincemeat!


That is of course the fruity kind that one finds in good old mince pies at this time of year. I didn’t make it weeks ago (as per the usual recipe) but started to feel a hankering for it. Must be something ingrained, the body wanting those warming spices in the winter.

So I made some up the other day when doing a bunch of other baking, but I made some changes (original recipe in my sidebar over there on the right). I used a mixture of Thompson raisins, golden raisins, dried cranberries and currants. I left out the candied peel as usual. And I left out the sugar – all of it – and you know what? It’s really good and perfectly sweet enough without. Instead of buying juice I made a sort of apple juice in the Vitamix and it worked well.

So rather than putting it into jars and leaving it sit, I will be using it quickly as the sugar isn’t there to preserve it. Today I made some mincemeat bars (gluten free) from a recipe I found online, and I even mixed some in to soaked oats and chia seeds for my lunch and it was awesome.


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  1. We gave in to temptation the other day and bought some Mr. Kipling mince pies from a British store. We had such wonderful memories of them from when we lived in England … and they tasted every bit as good. They were worth the high price đŸ™‚

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