Snowboarding time


It’s almost January and that means snowboarding. I was slow at putting my boys into lessons, and now I wish I’d started them younger when we had more funding from the distance ed program. Anyway they’ve had two winters of fun and now it’s my turn. I’ve booked myself into beginner lessons, I have the snow pants, I have the jacket (a spiffy new grey and pink jobby), I have the gloves, and now, thanks to my efforts the last couple of evenings, I have a neckwarmer that can be pulled up over my face while on the chairlift, or if it just happens to be a really cold day.

The two younger boys are going into intermediate lessons and will be in the enviable position of helping me to learn!

I can’t say I’ve been sticking to an exercise plan this winter. I’ve kept the weight off and I’m just hoping that this snowboarding lark is not so challenging that I end up in the lodge most of the day, complaining about my sore muscles!

Silly photos follow…I think I could have made it less deep!








Edited to add: this is knitted in seed stitch, 30 sts cast on, for about 19 inches and seamed. Yarn is Knitpicks Brava Worsted in dark grey, light grey, white, pink, turquoise, peacock (can’t remember all the official names for the colours). It was a good way to finish up some leftovers. I held two strands together and used size 11US needles.

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