As the year draws to a close…



Almost the end of 2013. Wow, another year that whizzed by, eh! And this Lion Brand Lacy Stole 651 is whizzing by too, I’m glad to say. I don’t know if it’s the five pattern repeats with the stitch markers across the row that make it seem to go fast, or the eight row repeat, but it seems like no time at all between lifelines, which I’m putting in every 16 rows. I love the red yarn – so easy to see on my dark Harmony needles. The cotton/modal Knitpicks Shine Sport is pleasant to work with and I think it will block beautifully. I’m well into my third 50gram ball and have about 39 inches completed. I was going to use up six balls (my original estimate was eight to match the yardage called for in the pattern) but I don’t think I’ll need that much. Probably five feet long or so will be enough, so if I make two stoles the same that will leave me enough to make a third project from the remaining yarn. Perhaps a triangular shawlette.

I hope you’ve had an amazing year full of joyful moments, happy people and random acts of kindness and I wish you the same for 2014.

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