What a way to end the year


Not a very exciting way to end the year for some people, but I enjoyed my evening. Made a big dinner…ate late…kids and husband did the cleanup…played the Game of Life (board game)…and THEN finished my temperature scarf. Woohoo!


This shows the gradual change from the cold maximum temps in my city in January 2013 through to the highs in the summer and back to the cold again. The coldest day of the year was December 7th at -11, though obviously the minimum night-time temps have been a lot lower. And the hottest day of the year was July 2nd at +36.6 Celsius.

I am glad to see this project finished. I didn’t run out of any of the colours on the way. I didn’t lose my motivation. I never left it for more than a week, except for the holiday we took in August, and every day is correctly logged except for one where the data was unavailable and I had to guess by using the previous and next day’s temps.

To recap, this is made from Knitpicks Brava Worsted on size 9 US needles. 365 garter ridges (twice that many rows). 36 stitches wide, which made for a scarf that measured about 8.5 inches wide and 7.5 feet long.

No, I’m not making another one this year. I may, for now, concentrate on the lace stoles and see how things develop.

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