Happy new year to you


My family resisted, as usual, my attempts last night to promote conversation about things they loved in the last year, things they want to do in the next year. I’m not a goalsetter myself and the boys are “live in the moment” types, so we don’t make resolutions.

I had no plans to stay up late, but I found myself on the couch at nearly midnight, receiving a text from a friend wishing me Happy New Year. So then I decided to text ds1 to wish him the same. Two seconds later, my iPad jingled and we had a FaceTime conversation for about 50 minutes, with me and the two younger boys at one end and ds1 on the other. By that time, it was 12.45am so I then Facetimed my mum, as it was 8.45am where she was. Caught her just at the right moment, up, dressed and with her iPad in her hand. No makeup though, but who cares about that (well, she did, a little)!

I’m afraid we were somewhat loud in our conversations as Tai Chi Man, who had retired to bed at 11pm, was awake and annoyed when I finally crawled into bed.

Today I have that burst of energy that comes with a new year starting. Did some exercise, washed the cars with Tai Chi Man (I had to come inside with painfully cold hands), and rearranged things in my craft room (the one which used to be ds1’s bedroom).

I laid out what I have left of the Knitpicks Brava Worsted. I can’t remember when I ordered this – I really want to know, so have emailed customer service at Knitpicks. I think it was about 18 months ago that I bought two sweater quantities of currant and sienna and one ball of each of the other colours. At the time, there were 30 colours available – I think they have introduced five new ones since.


This hutch now holds everything neatly…buttons, books, magazines, yarn, blocking mats, knitting pattern folder.


And I only have three WIPs to start the year…


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