Staying up late


Why? Because I was this close to finishing the Lacy Stole. Rather than risk running out of the sixth skein halfway through a pattern repeat, I bound off with a little to spare and it’s DONE! I love finishing things.

Pre blocking, it’s about 67 inches long, and tomorrow I will wet it and stretch it out and pin that sucker. To be honest, I’m a little nervous about using my Knitpicks T pins as I have read a few complaints on Ravelry about rust spots from non-stainless steel T pins and I don’t know whether mine are the same. I have blocked a small project with them before and had no issues so am crossing my fingers.

I was originally planning to make two identical stoles, but knowing me and my preference for not making the same thing twice (I only do it rarely) I think I will be starting on a different pattern with the same yarn. Admittedly I could probably knit this lace pattern in my sleep now but I like to keep things interesting.



Total time spent – 25 days.

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