Editing this as I seem to have lost some of my text. This bag is made with Knitpicks Brava Worsted in Sienna held together with elann limited edition micro cotton in turquoise, olive and paprika. The fox button is just perfect.

I made it up as I went along. Used a 5mm crochet hook and made a small base for the bag by making a chain and working all the way around it for three rounds. Went up to four strands and a 6mm hook for the simple strap.

I’m pleased to be able to crochet at all today, actually. This snowboarding lark is certainly challenging and I fell a lot, again! Didn’t help that the hill was icy and foggy, unlike the glorious sunshine of last week. In addition to my morning two-hour lesson (which gives us four rides up the chairlift and boarding down) I went out for another run with the boys in the afternoon. I probably shouldn’t have. I had already wrenched my left triceps on my first attempt at getting off the chairlift, and I don’t think there’s an inch of unbruised/non-achey parts on my body, including my right thumb which has a raised red lump on the knuckle and doesn’t want to bend fully.

However I have booked up for more pain…er, lessons, for three more weeks. Ds3 will continue for those weeks too, but without lessons, and ds2 will do only one more week as school classes clash after that.

I had an exciting event happen today. My first sale! One of my friends bought a rainbow cellphone cosy. Whoop whoop! I hope this is the start of a successful year selling my work. 🙂

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