Granny square bag




I love making granny squares and I love the look of them when they’re done. For this bag, I made two squares about 12 – 13 inches along the sides. That’s a rough number as they were slightly more rectangular before blocking. I pinned them and steamed them to make them about 13.25 inches square. They were joined around the edges with single crochet (double in UK) and then I did a round around the top edge as well.

Four little tabs go through the metal parts to hold the bamboo handles on.

The lining is a light green fabric that I bought recently to make bandanas. I have a lot of large offcuts now, so much of it is going into sewn gift bags, but this one became a lining. I hand-sewed it in very carefully as joining yarn to fabric can be tricky.

Rather than put this in my “sale” pile, I am offering this for auction to my Facebook friends to help my niece raise money for her Raleigh International trip to Borneo later this year.

Now it’s back to a crocheted basket which is really hard on the hands as I am using two strands of worsted, a 6mm hook and single crochet to make the base. It has to be a fairly stiff fabric but it’s not very pleasurable to work on.

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