Crocheted basket


I love how these look when done, even if the single crochet base was a bit hard on my hands. I did the ‘walls’ in half double (half treble UK) so that was more relaxing.

This is more Knitpicks Brava Worsted, held double. Mostly paprika, with some camel in the base and dark brown/light brown/cream up the sides. Add a few buttons and Bob’s your uncle!

I sewed the buttons on while at the ski hill today. Had an awesome snowboarding day. Turned out I was the only one in my class, so I had a private lesson for two hours with a different instructor than the last three weeks. There was 8cm of fresh snow, and it was still falling (chairlifts were darned cold today). What a difference! I was so much more comfortable with a bit of soft snow. Ice is just scary because you can’t carve in it and you hurt yourself badly when you fall. Today I hardly fell at all compared to last week. I had an enjoyable lesson and after a short lunchbreak I went back out with the boys for two more runs. Tried some different runs today which made things more interesting. I knew it was time to stop when my quads were burning!

I also had time to crochet a couple of granny squares but I’m not sure what they will become. Anyway, I will be staying up late tonight, I have to go out in a while to attend a midnight New Year’s Eve (Lunar/Chinese New Year) event so I will be short on sleep. Maybe a nap will be necessary tomorrow afternoon!


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