Ravellenic Games well and truly under way





The Blossoms shawl is well advanced for only one day into the Games. I have almost finished the first ball of yarn (Knitpicks Shine Sport). A day at home with a goal in mind, and I can really make progress. I took plenty of breaks, though, as daily life still intervened. Things like shovelling snow, making dinner…though I never did get out of my pyjamas!

When I’d had enough of the shawl knitting, I decided to frog the coat. I had no qualms about it. Glad it’s done. And that means I have reached the finish line in my first Ravellenic event, the Aerial Unwind. The ball weighed 320 grams which is approximately 832 metres. It’s a really big ball and was hard to wind towards the end.

Tomorrow, road trip. As far as I know, I will be a passenger for up to four hours, unless my friend wants to share the driving. That means I can work on finishing the navy blue socks. They are 75% done with just the foot of the second sock to complete. Those are entered into the WIPsDancing event.

Anyone else doing any Olympic crafting?

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