A quiet Sunday, lots of knitting


The Blossoms by the Brook shawl has grown considerably today. The first day I worked on it, I knitted up a whole ball of the Shine Sport. Today I did the same. There are only 8 rows left to knit.

Tomorrow we are going to one of the local ski hills to take advantage of the awesome snow conditions and also the half price lift tickets for Family Day. More sitting in a car for a couple of hours. It will make sense to take the shawl with me and get it done, then I can block it in the evening.

I did have a temporary blip during the day when I got stuck on the first row of Chart B. The numbers weren’t working out so I posted a question in the Ravelry Patterns forum and within a short time I had my answer – move the stitch markers on the left hand side over one stitch. Aha!

Now, shall I consider the shawl done for my Ravellenic Games Lace Luge, Short Track Shawls event when I bind off and weave in the ends, or when I’ve pinned it out for blocking, or when it’s off the mats? Not sure yet.


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