Blossoms blocked


Yesterday was nuts, so I didn’t get to knit or crochet even one stitch. One boy went to school – his afternoon class was swimming, where he managed to jump up for a basketball right below the metal hoop and cut his head so he needed glue (instead of stitches) at the walk in clinic. Another boy went to indoor rock climbing, and I dragged tai chi man into doing the pick up for that. Then there was scads of housework, baking flapjacks, cooking rice in the morning ready for dinner, going to the dentist to have the new crown put in, making dinner, and leading a discussion group in the evening. From 7am until after 10pm I was on the go, and I’m so glad for a quiet day today to balance things out.

Today the shawl was blocked. It’s really long – 78 inches from tip to tip and 18 inches at the deepest part. It used less than three skeins of Knitpicks Shine Sport in Serrano, a deep true red.

I find there are small blips along the bottom edge where the groups of backwards loop cast on stitches start, so not as smooth as it would be with a different type of construction. Still, it is pretty, and that is my trilogy of red lace shawls done.



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