very crochet such yoga much tired wow


I pick up the weirdest things from my kids. The latest thing I’ve heard is Doge! My title is apparently an example of it, though probably not a very good one.

I fitted in a little crafting today. Finished a zippered bag, sort of make up or pencil case size, that was actually intended to be a full size (about 8 inches square) bag but I ran out of both yarns and didn’t have anything that would work to keep it going. I miraculously found a blue zipper in a downstairs closet that was new and the right length (the zipper, not the closet) and sewed it in. I haven’t had much practice at sewing zips into knitwear so wasn’t happy enough with the result to add it to my inventory, but will probably use it myself.

I made sure to get out for a walk this afternoon, now that we are having a mild spell (it shot up to 12 a few days ago, and while today wasn’t that warm the sun was out and my jacket didn’t stay on for long). Tai chi man and I also went to yoga after dinner, which made me feel so relaxed I could have gone to bed straight afterwards. But as it was only 8pm, I didn’t.

I started another bag with some Currant Knitpicks Brava Worsted and a self-striping DK yarn from the UK. Can’t remember the brand as I don’t have the ball band any more.



So now it’s after 11 and I’m tired and I really must be going.

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