Pinterest inspiration


I actually made something similar to a Pinterest photo! It’s a sewing kit for a friend that is made with a mason jar, a two part canning lid, and some stuff to go into the jar. The pin cushion lid is just a circle of fabric and some polyester fibrefill, attached with hot glue. A hint…keep the edges as un-bulky as possible or you won’t be able to screw the lid on the jar. This was my second attempt. I added a circle of fabric to the underside of the lid too to cover the edges of the top fabric.

I bought thread today, various needles (for machine, hand and yarn), and added some folding scissors and a tape measure. The two granny squares that I joined to go around the outside of the jar were my idea, I had been playing with new grannies from a library book and decided to use them.

I also made a quick bag this evening with rainbow colours – my last Ravellenic Games project.





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