My first infinity scarf – jumping on the bandwagon



When I was in Walmart the other day, I saw this Red Heart Stellar in the colourway Comet. It is a super bulky yarn, 99% acrylic, 1% other (must be the metallic strand). It gives a gauge with 6mm needles on the ball band of 10 stitches to four inches but I am following the pattern on the back of the ball band which uses 8mm (US11) needles to make a ribbed infinity scarf. It takes two skeins, which is what I have. My gauge is more like 2sts/1inch.

There was a knitting drop-in at the library again today so I cast on. It is not easy yarn to knit with – it’s textured, loopy, and the needles catch strands all over the place, but it is pretty when knitted up. Comet is shades of blues and greens, with a silver thread throughout.

I am pretty tired right now and am heading to bed as I have to be up early in the morning but I think getting almost to the end of the first skein in one day is good going.

This scarf doesn’t have an intended recipient. I shall wait to see who it asks to go and live with!

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