Isn’t it frustrating when you tap the wrong thing on your iPad and lose your work. I know, first world problem!

Anyway, second post for the day. Are you keeping up?!

I’m back with My Fitness Pal, starting today. I know, it’s a Thursday; these things are supposed to start on Mondays, right? However I find it best to start when my motivation and willpower are at their peak, and today is the day.

After I lost 23lbs last year, I had a winter of pretty much eating anything I wanted. I felt the jeans getting tighter and I don’t want to go into a bigger size, so I finally stepped on the scales this morning. It was a pleasant surprise actually – only three pounds gained in about six months. However I know myself, and if I allow that to make me complacent, then before I know it it’ll be five, then ten. So I’m back following the plan, 1720 calories a day. I worked out that I could have three 500-calorie meals per day and four milky sweetened teas and be under the limit, so there’s no need for me to feel deprived.

It’s good for me to be aware of the times that I snack when I don’t need to. Having that limit is good. I am very grateful for my strong, flexible, healthy body and I want to keep it that way.

Maybe the vegan version of Nutella that I found the other day will have to wait, because that would surely test the willpower.

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