A couple of late evening thoughts


A fun evening. Ds1 came for a simple dinner (pizza) and wanted to get the photo albums down from their shelf, so we had a good time laughing over old photos of the family. Once I started picking some to photograph with my iPad and upload to Facebook I couldn’t stop! Five albums down, two more large ones to go, then I will get the small ones down from pre-1994!

My calorie counting has been going well, and I’ve stayed under the limit for three days. However it dawned on me that the 1720 calorie limit is for maintenance and I want to lose weight, so I managed to find the place in the app where I could edit my weight goal. Well, now I have a new limit…1270! Eek!

Hopefully I will see the same level of success as last year, which would mean only three weeks at that level.

Here’s a photo of 16 random granny squares that I have made over the last week or two. Not sure what they’re going to become yet.


And I’ve started another crochet bag similar to the Foxy and Owly ones I made recently, though this one is going to have a beaver button.

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