Over a week later…


I’m sorry for the silence. I am playing on my iPad tonight while I knit and have been updating Scrabble games and scrolling through Ravelry forums and was wondering what to do next when I spotted the WordPress icon.

I’m still knitting dishcloths! Did I say it was a big ball of yarn? I gave the first five away and am planning to give five more away on Wednesday. I have been weighing occasionally as I go, and the last three are one stitch narrower and two rows shorter. I’m hoping this means that I won’t run out on the last one while it’s still too short.

It’s good knitting for multitasking, especially if there’s a movie to watch. This week I have been enjoying season three of Sherlock (yes, only two months later than the rest of you). But what a pity there are only three episodes! I plan to rewatch them soon.

As for music listening, I don’t usually do that a lot. However after borrowing a Josh Groban CD from the library to play while I’m driving, I am totally hooked and currently have seven of his CDs out. I am also dabbling in Il Divo, a similar genre as Josh.

In other news, middle son (18) had all four wisdom teeth out this week. Not crazy on major dental work, as I know it can have its health risks, but the dentist convinced me, especially as the X-Ray showed that one of them was growing horizontally.

Spring break has been very pleasant. Two weeks of no school runs and lots of home time. The weather is cooperating nicely for the season and we are enjoying some walks in nature. Yesterday we were at a friend’s place for a hike and vegan potluck (except that the graham crackers had honey in them so I still haven’t had real S’mores, despite living in Canada for 20 years)! However the Godiva chocolate wrapped around the vegan marshmallows was freaking awesome, so I will definitely be baking some of my own graham crackers ASAP!

So that’s my waffling for today. I’m going to post this before anything happens to my draft. Have a great week 🙂

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