Front loop slipstitch crochet


This link is for a tutorial for a stitch that looks amazingly like knitting. It looks like garter stitch but with an extra line in between each garter ridge. I came across some patterns on Ravelry that used this stitch and thought I’d give it a try.

First thing I found out is that it’s fiddly. And the second thing I discovered is that you have to use a larger hook than usual for your weight of yarn as it is very dense. I used a 10mm hook for this Loops and Threads bulky Charisma.

It also grows slowly as slipstitch is not a tall stitch so you have to do a lot of work for a small result. And if I wanted a knitted look, I’d knit, as it’s easier, so that experiment taught me something anyway!

This cell cosy came out looking very, shall we say, ‘rustic!’





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