Bazillion ends woven in and two sales!


If you saw the photo of the four granny hats, then you’ll have an idea of how many ends I had to weave in today. I took the hats with me to the park today, as ds3 had a birthday party to go to. A homeschooling friend had invited a bunch of people to one of our most popular parks for Capture the Flag, other games, and hot dogs (vegan options too).

It was quite chilly, windy at first and showery too. I was glad I put on an extra layer and took a couple of blankets, one to sit on and one to wrap around me. The kids kept warm running around for hours while I darned in yarn ends and chatted with the other parents.

It was great to see them all, actually – I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. While I was plying my needle, one of the girls, I think she’s 5, asked her mum if she could have one of the hats. I told her I’d give her first pick when I was finished. Another girl was showing an interest too, and while I would have been glad to give them away, I was offered money and ended up accepting $10 for each.

We ended up staying until the last of the families were leaving, the sun was just about to disappear behind the mountains and it was a good time to head home for some hot soup, pyjamas and blankets!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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