Gosh, more grannies



I don’t know whether you’ve heard of bobwilson123. The woman who posts You Tube Tutorials under this name is actually called Clare, and she’s Australian. I know there are tonnes of tutorials out there, some better than others, but I really like hers. (That link will go to her website.)

She is very popular – one of her videos that I was watching the other day had had 10,000+ views. Incredible!

She has an informal chatty style and crochets fun things like shawls, bags, hats, slippers and fingerless mitts. Her camera work is decent so you get a good look at what she’s doing and she explains everything well.

I watched her making some granny square fingerless mitts and they are simple enough that I don’t need to look at her written tutorial. Four squares, joined in pairs, edged for the finger end and the cuff end, all in half doubles. These squares are in Knitpicks Brava Worsted with a 5mm hook.

If you’re into crochet, go and check out her patterns and videos.

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