Crochet continues apace






More barefoot sandals, another pair of granny square mitts, and finally, the bag is almost complete. I found some brass rings at a dollar store today so I am single crocheting around them and attaching them to the bag that’s basically one large granny.

Posing with this almost-FO is Marianna, my new head! A local beauty supply shop sells these (Sally) for about $6 and I thought it would be a good addition to my craft table (when I finally get around to doing that). I call her that because on the base it says that she is made by Marianna Industries in Omaha NE. She will model hats or bandannas for me!

I have to add something totally random that’s not crochet-related, because I was so happy to find out that Cobs Bakery’s hot cross buns are dairy- and egg-free, and I bought half a dozen only to find that they are so darned heavenly that I should have bought ten dozen! I wonder if my husband would go back into the shop tomorrow for more (c:


Hallelujah, it is done. It’s not lined, but I just wanted to see this finished and off my WIP list. I feel that this is what has been holding up my Willow Yarns order so now the mailman has to bring me my parcel tomorrow.


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