A day to myself


Tai Chi Man and I are spending a couple of nights away from home. He was awake early this morning to drive to a day of workshops so I have the day at leisure.

It was a slow start to the day with some crappy TV (99% of TV is crappy!) and tea and breakfast, then at 10.30 I set out to walk along the waterfront then up Main Street.

I was wearing a cardigan that soon came off – there was no wind and the sun was out and I soon became overheated. I headed up the road, not planning how far I was going to walk, just noting the stores I wanted to pop into on my way back. When I’d had enough of walking one way, I turned around. Went into the health food store, a thrift store, a yarn shop (all without buying anything). By that time I really needed to sit down as I’d been on my feet over two hours so I stopped in at Blenz for a London Fog.

Then I browsed around the book store, which has thousands of books stacked to crazy heights.

Back to the motel to freshen up then over to the beach, just across the road, for some knitting. The sun was warm but I needed my padded vest, and after a while the wind and cloud made it too cold to stay.

I have dug out the Carolina DK with the thought that I will knit some mitred squares to assemble into a cardigan wrap – the kind that is basically a rectangle with armholes. I have an achey right elbow these days, and it may be all the crocheting I am doing, or it could be that the yoga is aggravating a snowboarding injury. Whatever, I think knitting will be less stressful on the arm.

So, that’s my update. Here are some photos of my day…









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