Yarn delivery!


When I followed up with Willow Yarns (Herrschners) last week, I was disappointed to hear that my ordered yarns had been held up at Canada Customs. Rather odd, I thought, as when I placed the order I saw everything was in stock, but it seems that they had to bring it in before they shipped it to me.

They gave me an ETA of Wednesday this week, but it arrived today. Yay!
I have a sweater quantity of Willow Wash (acrylic) in Aruba Blue (brighter in real life than on the site), a few extra colours of Wash to try out, four hanks each of blue and green Field (cotton/linen), two different colourways of Guppie (dralon) and various colours of Fawn (bamboo).

I have already wound one hank into a ball to start a blue summer top for myself. My plan is to make some granny squares to go along the bottom hem, join them then crochet up for the body. A very simple shape to wear over a cami.








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