Summer top 1 in Willow Yarns Field




My indoor photos of this project look very grey, whereas the yarn is a lovely shade of blue. Anyway, I made good progress on the second piece of this top today. I need to go back to the first piece and add six rows of hdc, ch1, and they’ll be the same length. Yarn supplies are still strong so I am confident that I won’t run out, but the width of the front and back are looking a bit narrow. To compensate, I will probably use crochet chains as lacing for the side seams, and maybe the shoulders too, to allow extra width so it’s not too tight.

Of course, I don’t know how it’s going to behave when I wash it. The label says machine washable and dryable, and I’d like to do that to soften the yarn at bit, but I don’t want it to come out of the dryer all stretched out in the wrong direction!

Yes, I know, I should have swatched and washed it and dried it before starting my project. Obviously I like to live dangerously!

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