Some more ouch!


Not mine though. My oldest son was out of town this week. He drove the office service van a few hours east of here, mostly to service office chairs in various places. He was scheduled to take five days but opted to work longer hours so he could get the job done in four.

You know that saying, More Haste, Less Speed? I think he understands it better now. He came upon an intersection yesterday, going a little too fast, brakes weren’t the best, and ended up crossing a highway which thankfully wasn’t busy and rolling the van into a ditch.

He found himself upside down, in an area with no cell service. Thankfully many helpful people, some with first aid training, stopped, and someone must have called it in because he had a tow truck, police officer and ambulance appear on the scene.

He only suffered a graze on his head and arm, and some wrenched muscles, none of which necessitated a visit to the hospital. The van was towed, looking very banged up, and my son was driven back to the nearest town by the policeman. He did get a ticket – he is still an N (novice, which you are called for two years after you have your L for a year). Hopefully his insurance doesn’t get prohibitively expensive now.

Could have been a lot worse. Tonight he’s having an early night with some painkillers, a heating pad and an Epsom salts bath. I can tell he’s feeling a bit stiff and sore in the shoulder and ribs.

Ah, kids, they like to test you!

For better news, here’s a couple of things I have worked on lately…a tiny granny square that became a keychain, and some knitted mitred squares that are intended to become a rectangular wrap with armholes.



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