Water bottle carrier without a name


I wanted to come up with a cool name for this, as there’s a chance I might publish the pattern. No inspiration yet!

I have these five bright colours of Willow Fawn Worsted and the idea to make water bottle holders came to me when out walking. I don’t know how accurate my kitchen scales are, but I’m pretty sure I can get two out of one 50 gram ball.

That’s thanks to the filet crochet…all those holes don’t take up much yarn!


I used double crochet with chains between for the stitch pattern, a solid round at the top edge, and something new for the strap. I wanted something wider than a single chain because I didn’t want it to dig in to the shoulder.


I crocheted three-stitch rows of what I think is treble crochet (three wraps around the hook to begin). I will have to check that. I haven’t made the bag part too deep or the strap too long because the work will stretch a lot when a full bottle is inside.


Yup, satisfied with my afternoon of work. I didn’t just crochet today, I also baked bread, made coconut cream to eat with treacle tart (first time at making one of those I think), and made another batch of the Superfood Carob Bars from Rebootwithjoe.com. Awesome! I will get a link and come back and update so I don’t risk losing this draft.

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