Inspired by Pinterest, I have upcycled a pair of jeans that recently died. It was a tricky place for them to wear out though, right at the top of the inner thigh.

I cut up the inside leg seams and found that, of course, when I wanted to overlap the curved seams over each other, preferably with the topstitching showing, the worn out bit was on the side I wanted on the outside. So I had to overlap it the other way, which doesn’t look quite as good.

Anyhow, I had two panels of rather pretty daisy fabric which I put behind the V shaped gaps and pinned in. Tried it on, repinned again, when I was happy with it, I sewed it in, just topstitching twice near the edges of the denim. The only place I zigzagged was at the top of the back V, where the edges were raw and will get more wear. Any frayed bits will add to its charm!

Tai Chi Man set a line of pins around the hem for me (with a metre stick, while I stood on a stool) and I machined that, and it was done.

If you’re looking for a tutorial I’m sure there are many online, but there is an exceptionally good one in the book Jean Therapy by Scatha G Allison (I borrowed it from the library).



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