Five FOs in one day


Ok, they are very small Finished Objects!

We had a lovely beach day today. The sun shone so warmly we followed the shade of a big tree, dragging our quilts over each time we got too hot, and in the afternoon it clouded over and the wind sprang up, which was a nice change.

I swam once, the boys at least three times. Ds3 played a little soccer and volleyball. His best friend was there. Ds2 was happy, his best friend was there too.

I was working on the market bag, and made fair progress on the handle, but got bored with that and made a teeny coin pouch that I saw on bobwilson123’s video channel last night.

Tonight I made four more.

All the buttons are ones with shanks, rather than holes, that I found in my button stash, and I am tickled pink by the cuteness!

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