Canada Day


We don’t usually do anything for Canada Day, except occasionally go out when it gets dark to see the fireworks. I’m not one for crowds, and all the hassle that goes along with that, like driving at 2km/h to get out of the congestion and home again.

So yesterday we made some plans and they worked out well. Movie in the afternoon (when it was 33 degrees out). And meeting up with friends in the evening, after the 5pm parade was over, and I was able to find a parking spot easily right near my friend’s trailer, parked next to the lake.

We had a nice evening swimming and socialising, and watched the fireworks at 10.30pm, then had no trouble getting home afterwards.

Of course I took my crafting bag. I cannot sit for hours without having something to do with my hands. I made this little Chapstick holder and some little granny squares, planning to join them on the third round with cream yarn.

Nowhere to go today, so it’s time for more inventory-building.



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