A good weekend


My second week at the Farmers Market didn’t yield quite as much income, but I enjoyed my morning. Knowing what to expect helped, and the setting up and taking down went smoothly.

I took an extra display unit with me this time, basically wire cubes, that were handy not only as shelves but for attaching things to the side. I felt that my products needed to be more visible, and they were.

A lot of interest was paid to my water bottle carriers (pattern in the sidebar) and they were definitely the best selling item. I have made it my goal for this week to have at least six more ready by Saturday. I’ve already finished a blue one, and have new yarn from Michaels to make others. It’s Loops and Threads Impeccable Brights in Red Hot, Sunny Day and Popsicle Blue.

The yarn is medium weight but feels quite thick.

Again, the long morning was broken up by friends coming by and chatting.

It was an odd afternoon today. When we arrived home from shopping, the boys said we had no electricity. That of course meant no computers, no wifi, no tea or smoothies. I was quite happy crocheting and reading my book, and at about 4 I dug out the camp stove to heat water for cups of tea. Of course, while the water was heating, the power came back; it had been off for over three hours.

Looking at the local news website when we once again had power, we found out that a tree took out a power line and cut off 3000 homes in our area.

Tonight I finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s The Fiery Cross (a library book) and started A Breath of Snow and Ashes. This one is 979 pages of hardback goodness, and thanks to a friend I don’t have to rush it as she lent me her copy, plus An Echo in the Bone AND Written in my Own Heart’s Blood.

That book in the photo is a new one that I had on hold at the library. Very cute stuff which may well inspire me for autumnal crocheting. Hats and headbands of various styles in every size, with embellishments that button on to change the look. It’s called Blooming Crochet Hats and it’s by Shauna-Lee Graham.

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