Brick continued



So far, I am following the pattern as written. The yoke is done and I’ve completed about an inch of the body tonight.

The house is so much cooler tonight. We had a very impressive thunderstorm today. It hit at around 3.20pm as we were driving home from a hike. It was just me and the two boys, and the weather held out beautifully until after we’d hiked through a local park, following the creek upstream, rock-hopping in places, and admiring the waterfalls.

The lightning was awesome as we drove home, then big fat raindrops started to fall, and then it was a torrent, flooding the road, limiting visibility. Headlights were on, wipers on maximum speed, and thankfully everyone drove sensibly and we arrived home safely.

It’s been raining on and off ever since, and I’m sure our garden is just drinking up all this moisture with oodles of gratitude. The large forest fire that has been burning in our neighbourhood for a week must surely be out now. Hopefully the lightning didn’t start any new fires.

Well, I think I shall have an earlier night tonight. I have finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s latest offering, Written in my own Heart’s Blood, so really there’s nothing to stay up late for!

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