Detachable flower for Gio Hat


Rather than edit my Gio Hat pattern post again, I’m adding this as a new post.

I’ve been out most of the day, so vegged out all evening, finishing up a book (Dean Koontz’ 77 Shadow Street) and messing around with Facebook and Ravelry. However a day without even a sniff of yarn is just not right, so I picked up the failed flower that I made the other day, unravelled it, and made another. Here’s what I did…

Make a magic circle, ch1, 5sc into circle. Don’t join, keep going in a spiral, make 3sc into each of the 5sc. Fasten off, thread the yarn tail onto a large-eyed needle, push the needle through somewhere in the centre of the flower to encourage it to spiral a bit. Fasten off and weave in both yarn tails. Use a thinner yarn to sew a 1-inch button to the back.

And hey presto, abracadabra, higgledly piggledy, you now have a detachable flower for the hat that can be positioned wherever you like.




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