August WIPs and FOs


Here’s an update on the current projects. I don’t remember whether I showed you this…

This is my Gio hat pattern in the Loops and Threads Zoomba – in a lovely shade of turquoise that goes brilliantly with the turquoise accents on my ski jacket.



is a reversible hobo bag that I made today by following a tutorial online. I did bookmark it but can’t remember the name of the site now. Will have to check and update…ETA:



are the WIPs. The Brick sweater is finally to the bottom ribbing stage. I could easily have had it finished by now if I hadn’t been making stuff for the market. And the denim blue project is a prayer shawl in James C Brett Marble Chunky.

Have to love you and leave you, as they say…it’s time to make dinner. Sewing obviously builds up an appetite!

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