Another bag


This could get addictive. Yesterday I was looking at the meagre stash of fabric that I have and thinking I’d like to make another bag like the purple/green one I blogged about recently. I couldn’t bring myself to cut into any of the fabric pieces. Today, though, I did it, because I now have a person in mind to receive one of these bags so I am motivated!

The rainbow fabric is one that came in a bag of cotton fabrics that a friend was destashing, and the blue spotty fabric came from the Fabricland moving sale.

I spent longer on this one. The handles are longer too, as I wanted it to be more of a shoulder bag. I pinned everything before sewing, clipped curves, generally took more care to do it right and it paid off.



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  1. I printed out the pattern, thought it would be a nice alternative to all my crochet bags. I plan to make the straps longer too. Now I just need to sort out some fabric. One of our thrift stores is having a yarn and fabric garage sale in a week or so, usually $5 a bag with whatever you can stuff into it. I just might find some nice fabric there.

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