Good evening


And it IS a good evening! Why, you may ask. Well, I tidied away all my sewing stuff that had been moved upstairs for the sewing day with my friend. So the dining room table is clear again. And then I went through all my yarn bits and pieces in my craft room. I love doing that periodically because I tend to forget what’s there. Most of it is leftovers. Most of it I still like and intend to use up some day.

However, I tend to say Yes when offered yarn and more often than not it is old acrylic. Old scratchy acrylic that someone’s been storing in their spare room for, oh, about 20 years! I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but whilst I do love acrylic I don’t love the rough stuff. So I filled a clear bag with a tonne of old acrylic, plus some elann esprit in a rather unbecoming beige, and in fact I put all my multi-coloured esprit odds and ends in a Ziploc bag to give away too. I think I know someone who can get some use out of them. I also have a load of old knitting needles (all my local thrift stores have a bazillion knitting needles but no crochet hooks – what’s with that!?). I decided that as I have my Knitpicks Harmony set (now Rainbow Wood) and a full set of Milward straights from many moons ago, I didn’t need miscellaneous straight needles, many of which are numbered in the old Canadian/UK system.

It feels so good to declutter. So good in fact, that I went back to the email from Willow Yarns which told me that Willow Wash was on sale for 20% off, and I may (ahem) have ordered a few (25) balls of the stuff. Well, it’s pretty, and I know it feels nice and soft to work with. I have only seen a small number of the colours up close, so I ordered one of each colour, excluding the white, cream, greys, browns and black. Bright colours are definitely my thing these days. There are 36 colours total, so when you take out the neutrals, you get about 25. And they are $3.07 a ball right now, and when you order over $60-worth you get free shipping in Canada.

Well, that parcel will be one to look forward to.

So, it’s Friday, and the car is packed with my farmers market stuff ready for the morning. Only three more weeks of that particular market to go, though I have two more events scheduled in September. And then maybe some Christmas markets after that.

Have an awesome weekend!

Edited to add: this is my 1190th blog post – wow!

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