Last morning at the farmers market


Good takings at the market today. It helped that I had a special deal on: free barefoot sandals with every purchase. Weather was perfect – it was only 9 Celsius according to my car’s outside thermometer at 7am, but a short sleeved cardigan was enough to keep me warm, and the sun gradually warmed everything up until we had a 1pm temperature of about 23.




Last night I started a new pair of crocheted fingerless mitts. These were finished this morning, and I made a second pair, similar to the first, to add to the stock.

My plan was to find a circle in a square type of granny, then fold it and sew it for a mitt. I used a motif I found on Ravelry – it’s called Starburst Motif. But I had some issues with the instructions. The main thing was that it says to change colour by slip stitching to end the previous round in the new colour, and also there was an odd start to one of the rounds, so I ended up tweaking it a bit so that it worked out how I liked it.


The second pair I made up as I went along, having the experience from making the first pair.


In all cases, the motifs didn’t lie flat. However that turned out to be a good thing, because when I folded them to sew them up (leaving a thumbhole) the centre of the motif snugged in to the wrist very neatly and it’s almost as if I intended it!

One last thing…the prayer shawl is done and is being washed.

It will be delivered to its intended recipient very soon. It took 23 days, with help from a few others in our spiritual group, and interspersed with my other projects.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Happy knitting/crocheting/whatever!

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  1. Good job on the market! I would love to do something like this but I don’t think I would be able to keep stock levels up!

  2. You had a nice market day. It is chilly here, slight frost on the roofs this morning … time to get out the fingerless mitts. I did start pinning that reversible bag pattern I found via your site, but it seems a bit small so I think I’m going to enlarge it and see how it turns out.

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