Headwrap update


It’s a beautiful day here with a forecast of mid-20s for this afternoon. I put some banana bread in the oven, did a bit of yoga, then came outside to the deck for some crochet time,

I made a tentative effort at starting the fourth Autumn leaves headwrap last night, but as we had rented a couple of movies I had to put it down. Crocheting, especially in the front or back loop, is something I really need to look at in good light.

Let me just say that we quite enjoyed Frozen. Transcendence was okay, improved somewhat by Johnny Depp in the leading role, though he certainly didn’t look as gorgeous as he does in Chocolat!

Anyway, back to crochet! Here’s a couple of photos taken outside just now. I’d have thought the lighting would be better here than indoors but I had to import them into the Photo Editor app to brighten them up somewhat.

The head wraps are placed in order of making – the autumnal colours, the spring ones, the pinks, and a two-thirds complete greeny blue/lavender one.

I think I will just keep making these until next Saturday’s fall festival, which is when I next will set up my table and sell my wares. And possibly throw in some little crocheted pumpkins. If nothing else, they will add some cuteness to my display.



I was about to sign off, but before I do I’ll add one more photo!


Not hard to guess what I was doing yesterday, eh. Paintball party for ds2’s 19th birthday. First time we’ve all done it and it was a lot of fun, though we all acquired a few bruises. A mask over the top of glasses is a little uncomfortable and you can see they are wonky in this photo!

That’s all for now folks, have a great week.

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