Pumpkins and arm knitting


Yup, an odd title, I know! I’ve made a few cute little pumpkins from a video tutorial/written pattern by Clare at bobwilson123. They come out way smaller than she seems to infer from the pattern but that’s okay, they will look cute on my sale table at the nut farm tomorrow. Three have already been ‘adopted’ ahead of time by facebook friends; the rest will be for sale.


I also had a bit of fun with the Loops and Threads Zoomba yarn left over from crocheting those super bulky hats. I arm knitted an infinity scarf- only five stitches cast on and it was done in no time. It is long enough to wrap three times around my neck. I can’t recommend any one particular video tutorial because I can’t remember the ones I’ve seen, but search You Tube and you’ll find lots.




Please excuse the Hello Kitty pyjamas ;^P
And the crazy hair. It usually looks that messy. I’ve never really had it under control for very long!

Editing once more to add headwrap #5 – the final one as far as I’m concerned.


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  1. Oh! Those pumpkins are SUPER cute! I love the infinity scarf, too! I can’t wait to try arm knitting! I just found a couple of skeins of bulky yarn that i think would work perfectly. The headband reminds me of mint chip ice cream πŸ™‚

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