Brick is DONE


Good grief, I wish I hadn’t updated this iPad to iOS8. So many new glitches have appeared that outweigh any possible benefits.

Anyway I digress. The sweater is finished, though not yet washed. In the end I used less than five balls of Willow Wash in Aruba Blue. And now I can start a brand new project. Exciting!

In a couple of weeks, I will be able to show you the fruits of my new hobby, pottery. I’ve had two lessons out of five so far, but have also made extra visits to the studio in between, and have hand built 15 items so far. Definitely enjoying it and can’t wait to see them glazed. Right now, they are looking grey and dull, but the firing will fix all that.

As soon as I bring my pieces home, I’ll get photos of them in all their wonky amateurish beauty!!

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